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  • Is this membership suitable for beginners?
    Yes! This membership is suitable for women of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our supportive and experienced coaches are dedicated to helping newcomers feel comfortable and confident as they begin their fitness journey.
  • How many classes can I attend per week?
    You have an allowance of 20 classes per month which can be split across the month however works for you. In addition to this you will also have unlimited access to the gym for self-led workouts and also our weekly run club. If you would like to attend more than 5 classes per week please contact us and we can arrange a custom package.
  • Does this membership include help with nutrition?
    Yes, our certified coaches will work with your dietary requirements to create a meal plan designed to maximise your progress towards your fitness goals whether that is weight loss, muscle building or maintenance. We will also be available to offer dietary advice, and answer any questions you may have about nutrition.
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